Quinceanera DJ in Houston Mixing Live

DJ in Houston Mixing Live at a Quinceanera.

I hope this helps other DJ’s understand Latino Music and can have an idea of some of the more popular songs to play at a quinceanera.

Playslist… Per DJ Mikey Mike’s request…

0:03 La Rama Del Mezquite – Ramon Ayala
0:07 Playa Sola – Cadetes De Linares (Or by Lalo Mora)
0:34 La Puerta Negra – Los Tigres Del Norte
0:53 El Carnavalito – Mercosur (also good by King Africa)
I then went into the conga line, then you can hear the end of the Cupid Shuffle and at:
2:17 The Cha Cha Slide… A lot of High Energy Dances all at once!
2:50 Brinkito – Sabor Kolombia
3:10 Loco, Loco – Sabor Kolombia
3:30 Vuelta De Bota y Tambo – Sabor Kolombia
4:00 Bota y Tambo – Sabor Kolombia
4:25 Sabroson – La Base (Trying To Scratch to the intro of La Lata – Supermerk2)
4:59 La Lata – Supermerk2
5:17 La Resaka – Supermerk2
5:46 Los Chuntaros Del Barrio – ??? (I’m going off the top of my head)
6:12 Sabor Kolombia – ????
6:34 Bass Beat to Sandstorm – Darude (Remixed)
7:35 A lot of requests in Spanish(Bachata, Tierra Caliente, Arremangala Arrempujala, which I played later)!!! LOL
8:37 We Like To Party – Venga Boys (Trance Remix)
8:55 My Laptop, My 2 Denons HS5500’s, my Behringer DDM4000, My 4 DJ Spot’s, My Small Truss, and People Dancing)
9:47 Anthem – Pitbull and we ran out of tape by about 12:46 am, actually the DV says. It ended at 1:00 am but we didn’t shut down the music till 1:15

I don’t have my laptop in front of me, so I am just going off the top of my head, if I got any song wrong, please comment and I will fix the playlist… I’m surprised I could remember most of them… lol

Hope that Helps!!!


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