Why Choose DJ in Houston over a Band for Wedding Reception in Houston?

Why Choose DJ in Houston over a Band for Wedding Reception in Houston?


Why a DJ in Houston?

It is widely seen and observed that the right wedding music helps your guests up to enjoy the celebration with a lot of energy. Depending on the type of wedding entertainment, your wedding guests will feel a different level of energy, which makes the music an integral part in setting their mood. These days it can be seen that wedding venues in Houston are hosting countless wedding receptions with a full-fledged performance by some most renowned DJs in Houston.
We have come across some people, who have been confused about choosing between a wedding DJ and a live band for their wedding reception in Houston. The below description will help people in getting an idea of why it is wise to select a DJ for the wedding reception.

Pros of Hiring a Wedding DJ:

  • Unlimited Music Selection: Your music selection will be unlimited with a disc jockey, as you can select music from different genres, styles, and instruments.
  • Interactive Ambience: Having an interactive ambiance in your wedding reception will help in engaging the wedding guests, which eliminates any kind of boredom. Wedding DJs are found to be most interactive and bring on innovative ideas to engage your wedding guests and let them enjoy the event while having a great time.
  • Professionally Trained Wedding MC: Having a DJ in Houston provide you with entertainment allows you to have a professionally trained master of ceremonies for your wedding reception. A professionally trained Master of Ceremonies is responsible for keeping the timeline, announcing to your guests in an eloquent manner all the activities, respectfully introduce the speakers of the toasts or any other speakers, sit down with you and go over every intricate detail of your wedding celebration.
  • Energizing Event: The main objective and goal of DJs in Houston wedding receptions, is to keep up the energy levels while the event moves on. You will find there are no breaks in disc jockeying, which assures uninterrupted entertainment for the entire reception.
  • Reasonable: You won’t believe that it’s true but, one can have a high-energy and uninterrupted wedding reception in Houston with professional DJs, which will cost much lower than hiring a whole band.

Cons of Hiring a Band for Wedding Reception:

  • Not organized: Often times it is seen that musicians of a wedding band focus more on music and less on the ongoing event schedule or flow. This results in delayed wedding scheduled events, no one in charge running the reception, no one informing the guests of the upcoming events, etc…
  • Number of Breaks: The most common thing about a performing wedding band is that you will find a maximum number of breaks in between the songs for setting up various instruments, making adjustments, and taking rest for a moment. This does not go well for a nightlong event. The energy level falls to zero when that happens and generally, they have a hard time picking up the energy level after every song/break.
  • Expensive: Bands incorporate as well as include a greater number of people, equipment, instruments, and vocals, which proves to be costly, and the cost increases with the size, experience, and skill set of the band. This makes the wedding band extremely expensive to hire for your wedding reception in Houston.
    Where to find a professional Houston DJ?

You can have a highly energized and entertainment-filled wedding reception with the most talented and experienced wedding DJ in Houston at Elegante Entertainment. Having over 15 years of professional experience in performing at weddings, today we are known as a reputable and most competent DJ service provider in Houston. Give me a call today at (832) 465-1161.


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